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British Columbia license plates all read “Beautiful British Columbia.” They don’t lie. Glancing out my window right now, I am surrounded on all sides by blue-green mountains. Behind me, their snowy peaks disappear into the smudge of low-lying clouds. The snow, light at this time of year, lies like a layer of icing sugar sifted down from the heavens. Between the trees in front of my house, I can see an arm of the ocean. Vancouver Island blocks the waves from reaching us here and so the ocean is a calmer being than its wild sister. Its smile dimples as it receives the rain. In my yard, the pink flowers of a plum tree provide contrast against the deep eternal green of the background hemlock and spruce.

the inlet beside my house

the inlet beside my house

I can’t imagine living anywhere other than in Greater Vancouver. The lapping ocean and the steady presence of the forest provide too much of the rhythm of my life for me to give them up. My friends and I walk to school in the mornings and, when silence falls over us, I listen to the sound of the chickadees as the morning mist rises. At night, when I take my dog for his evening stroll, we stop at the beach near my house. With our feet in the sand we watch patterns of lights in the water change amid the motion of the sea. The crisp air of dawn and the quiet air of dusk clear my lungs and put my troubles in perspective beside the immensity of the natural world.

I don’t think humans will ever fully understand Mother Nature. This doesn’t bother me: I prefer the mystery. However, I think not knowing makes other people afraid. They hide in city apartments where the wilds are confined by cement and TV screens. It makes me sad because if everybody saw what I see in nature, I think we would find a better way of preserving it.

I have found the beauty in my woods and I hope you find the beauty in your own landscape, too, wherever you live.

Challenge 4 of the Student Blogging Challenge asked for participants to explain what they do to help the environment. For my part, I volunteer at a salmon hatchery and helped to start the Green Team at my school. This past summer, I worked at a camp run by Metro Vancouver Parks to introduce youth to parks and teach them about environmental stewardship.

P.S I think this post counts for my answer to Challenge 3 as well.

5 thoughts on “Blogging Challenge 4

  1. You certainly are one with nature, Ariana. Sue Waters from the Edublogger worked with aquaculture as well.

    Just a reminder about being internet savvy, I notice you have your whole named connected to where you leave a comment. You might need to change this to a different nickname or just your first name.

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  3. Nice Ari, I should find some way to wrap up two blogging challenges in one 😛

    I really like the beginning about our car plates, I’m really proud of them. Surrounded as I am with palm trees and the blue ocean right now, I think I would still choose our non-tropical rain forests over this mediterranean paradise as home. Despite all the icky rain, BC is incredibly beautiful.


  4. Hello Marko!

    Thanks for visiting my blog! Where are you from? I think if you read my above post you can get an idea of where I live. If you have any more specific questions, I would be happy to answer them.


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