Blogging Challenge 1

If I were to choose something that represented me most, it would be my writing. There is a place deep inside me that keeps my words. When I write, I draw my letters from that well and from inside myself. The words that spill onto my page take with them the memory of my inner secrets, even if they don’t speak them aloud.

In September of this school year, my English teacher announced that he had made each student in the class a blog where we would post our writing. I wasn’t thrilled. I didn’t want to share my words with the world. Over time, however, I have come to change my opinion of blogging.

It started in November, when my class was writing speeches. We posted them on our blogs and then began a comment extravaganza, with everybody giving and receiving constructive criticism on second, third, and even fourth drafts. When we finally presented our finished product to our parents, siblings, and teachers, we wowed everybody. Since then, a larger and larger handful of the class is sharing non-required posts on their blogs. People have written about visiting the cemetery, meeting old classmates on the bus, and even lucky pennies. I feel that each time I read somebody’s ponderings, I know them a little better. The whole class, I think, has become a closer thanks to our blogs.

So, to answer the first question posed by the student bloging challenge, why should people visit my blog? Because then I will visit theirs and we will become a community of bloggers, linked beyond just one classroom or one country. Because then the world won’t be such a large place.

7 thoughts on “Blogging Challenge 1

  1. Ariana,
    What a great explanation for why readers should visit your blog. Collaboration through commenting is such as important part of blogging.

  2. We love your post, Ariana! We are part of the blogging challenge as well. What we are hoping to most gain from this experience is an online learning community that we can share our learning with and get feedback from! We hope you will join our learning network!

    Room 7 Scoopers

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  4. thats really cool that you play soccer i like soccer 2 but i dont think im that good but anyway do u play any other sports?

  5. Hello Ariana, It’s Ariana from Florida. I got your comment (Thank you for commenting my blog seems like nobody ever does) I’m sorry that you could not take art this year it is a great class and from your writing it seems like you are a person that needs to express themselves. Your writing is very good and I think that you are right we are a community. I hope that you comment me back. 🙂

    P.S. Life of Pie was a good book it was kinda slow and weird. I love to read so I like books in general some people in my class didn’t like it at all, but if you like to read I say go for it.

  6. Paloma, I do play other sports than soccer. This year I started running cross country with my school team and then I joined a running club outside of school with a few of my friends. Although a lot of people groan about having to run, I’ve found that I really enjoy it. It gives me some thinking time and makes the rest of my day way better. Also, because I live right across from the ocean, I like to go swimming a lot in the summer. During the winter, my family cross-country skies. Unfortunately, though, there has been hardly any snow in Vancouver this year. Do you have a blog? I would love to visit it if you do.

    Thanks everybody for stopping by my blog! Getting comments makes me happy 😀 and I’ll try to visit your blogs.

    ~ Ariana

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