On Our Way to the Sea

ย an old woman

forgot her impression

on the cushion of that chair,

her breath fogged

up the window,

left her words as a picture

for us to find.

once she was a mother,

she tells us in the lines

of her face,

in the eyes that look behind

until the rain washes her


now her dreams will be

our blanket

and her memories our


and with her we will

travel to the sky.


we ride towards

the sun,

wait for flames to form a wall

that melts us back to earth.

as we plummet

we touch the stars so that

they might light our way

when we enter

the deep December sea.

9 thoughts on “On Our Way to the Sea

  1. Ariana
    I love this poem and it is testament to the fact that you have chosen right in doing poetry as your in-depth. You have a way of describing everything in such a perfect way that I am there in the world of the poem for the time I am reading it. Thank you so much for sharing this with us and I hope to read many more of your poems in the future.

  2. Ari, I was quite surprised by this poem. It’s not as rich or commanding as the one you wrote for our poetry unit last year, but equally, though quietly, brilliant. Or perhaps, it just needs your voice to carry it in that fashion. I’m really curious about how it would turn out if you read it versus the dip and vaulting of words in my mind. This poem really reminds me of one of those happy serene songs with harmony cradling a simple melody. And as Andrea says, you have a way of description that paints streaks of colour in my mind. Red for flames, startling white of the stars and an immeasurably deep blue. I also love the topics of your poem. Thanks for sharing something this beautiful ~Clare

  3. Something in this poem
    strikes deep
    inside of me
    of impressions forgotten by others
    left on your cushioned chair
    left for me to see
    for me
    find beautiful

    I loved how quiet and calm it is and I love the rhythm and words because they resemble the quiet lap of the waves on the the shore of a lake.

  4. I’m really glad you’ve chosen to share some of your wicked poetry with the blogging world! As previously discussed, your writing always inspires me to be… more sincere, more poetic ๐Ÿ˜‰ I particularly like the line about the woman leaving her impression on the cushion. You’ve achieved such a nice, gentle flow throughout this piece. Yet, at the same time it is so powerful, so you. After all the stress of making a decision, I believe- in fact I know- you’ve made an awesome choice of In Depth project! Creating truth and beauty like this is a wonderful thing.

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  6. I love your poetry I loved on our way to the sea that one was the best. At what age did you start to write poetry? Keep up the good work. Keep writing poetry

  7. Lizeth,

    Thanks for visiting my blog! I started writing poetry in grade four, but it was really bad. This year, I wanted to get better so I decided to do it as a long-term school project. I have a mentor who is a poet herslef and she gives me advice. I’m really glad that you liked my poem. Do you write poetry? If you have a blog, please leave a link and I will visit it.

    ~ Ariana

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